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ETC believes that each client should have as much flexibility as possible to build and operate their business without being forced to adapt to a singular or limited number of technology solutions. Therefore, it is our goal at ETC to provide access to a robust offering of service bureau platforms, and take a neutral stance on our clients' selection from that offering. In so doing, we provide our clients with the freedom and flexibility to establish their own optimal environment, thereby leading to greater productivity and higher efficiencies.

Each platform offered for client use goes through an extensive validation process to confirm that ETC can meet regulatory requirements and satisfy its own high standards of control. We view this validation process, and its stringent requirements, as a good business practice that proactively ensures that problems are avoided with clearance, trade reporting, settlement, compliance and client reporting.

ETC’s client technology environments include:

DAS Trader Singularity Technology
EZX, Inc.
Fusion Trading Solutions Softek
Lightspeed Speedroute
Lynx Capital Partners Sterling Trader

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