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The ETC Brand is based on innovation, efficiency and transparency -- all three of which allow ETC to deliver a high degree of value and quality service to its clients. We seek to be a constant change leader in the securities industry by specializing in high performance clearance, settlement and custodial services across multiple products, and by reducing the costs for our clients; while ensuring reliability and dependability. We purpose to be the leading independent clearing and settlement institution, offering quality clearing, settlement and custodial services to a wide array of firms, by providing products and services that mitigate risk, reduce cost and enhance processing efficiencies.


ETC's clearing eco-system is built on, and takes advantage of, the more robust and modular efficiencies of modern technology. Due to the enormity of client data, and the complexities involved in migrating that data from one system to another, ETC opted to not rely upon antiquated software platforms that are not equipped to operate in as an efficient environment. We take advantage of technology developed in recent years, which allows for optimal flexibility, faster processing, larger capacities, lower costs, and overall enhanced efficiencies. Given that ETC systems are adaptable and modular, we are able to respond to client requests faster, and at a fraction of the costs. The ETC environment is conducive to technological creativity and we are committed to continually improve performance and optimize output.


ETC employs a team of individuals that provide "high touch" client service in every aspect of client interaction. Many of our team members have spent years in the trading, brokerage, exchange and clearing environments, and as such bring a depth of knowledge and experience that allows ETC to provide first-in-class service. We understand that a key component of success is measured by the overall experience of each individual client. Therefore, it is our objective to ensure that we remain responsive, and anticipate the needs of our clients; endeavoring always to work with each client in a synergistic environment.


Our main focus at ETC is on advancing new and more efficient trade processing methodologies that deliver improved business performance for our clients. This, coupled with use of the latest technologies which deliver increased service capabilities and capacities, permits us to operate in a relatively low cost environment. As such, we are able to offer our clients the best of both worlds: lower, transparent clearing costs with the best-in-class services.

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ETC  was founded in late 2007 by a group of innovative clearing and trading... see more
Our Culture

The ETC Brand is known for its innovation, efficiency and transparency – all three of which allow ETC to deliver a... see more
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