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The national market system includes many alternatives for sources of liquidity and order execution. In addition to the national stock exchanges, many varieties of firms offer liquidity-finding services or methods of order execution. It is important to ETC that we offer access to as many venues as possible in order to provide our clients with choices when determining what is most productive for their business models and what provides the best value according to their needs. ETC believes in freedom of access and does not charge "tolls" for acting as our clients' market access broker.

ETC is a registered trading participant of:

Alpha Exchange NASDAQ PSX
BATS (Y) New York Stock Exchange
BATS (Z) NYSE Arca Equities
Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) NYSE MKT
Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc. Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
EDGX TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV)

ETC arrangements with NYSE Floor Brokers includes:

AlbertFried G & L Partners
BayCrest Partners Greywolf Execution
Benjamin & Jerold JNK Securities
Cuttone & Company Meridian Equity Partners
DME Securities Montecito Advisors
DRU Stock Murphy & Durieu
Farina and Associates Perdiue Group

ETC is a trading partner with these destinations:

Barclays Lek Securities
Chi-X Canada LeveLATS
Citadel Mismi ATS
Citgroup Morgan Stanley
Crowell Weedon Omega ATS
CX2 Canada ATS Omega Lynx
Instinet PDQATS
ITG / POSIT SpeedRoute
Jefferies & Co. TriAct Canada (Match Now)
LampPost Capital vFinance
Lava Trading World-Xecution
LavaFlow ECN

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