Business Continuity Disclosure Statement

Electronic Transaction Clearing Canada, Inc. ("ETCC") is committed to protecting the interests of its clients. ETCC has developed a plan to provide for business continuity (Business Continuity Plan or “BCP”) in the event that business is disrupted. The Business Continuity Plan addresses all critical business processes, including providing clients with the ability to buy and/or sell and providing access to securities and funds.

The Business Continuity Plan addresses interruptions that are either localized or regional in scope regardless of the cause. Should a disruption occur that impacts the offices located in Toronto, Ontario some operational functions may possibly be temporarily disrupted while staff relocates to predetermined alternative sites. The BCP is reviewed and tested annually and has been approved by senior management.

ETCC has Information Technology services that are housed and operated concurrently in dual, geographically separate sites. Either site is capable of supporting all critical functions should one site be disabled. Any business disruption at ETCC will not result in the loss of your account information, securities or money.

Client securities and funds are held at banks, custodians and other providers of services to the securities industry that each have their own successfully tested business continuity capabilities. These facilities are all located remotely from ETCC's corporate data processing sites.

In the event that a disruption occurs that affects ETCC, relevant information, including contact information, will be prominently displayed on the website.

Order Routing Policy (Multiple Marketplaces)

The following is to inform the clients of Electronic Transaction Clearing Canada, Inc. (“ETCC”) of its policies and procedures on executing orders on one or more markets. Listed securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) and the Toronto Venture Exchange (“TSXV”) may also be executed on various marketplaces such as the Alpha Exchange, TMX Select, CSE, OMEGA, and Chi-X. ETCC is committed to using all reasonable efforts to ensure clients receive the “best execution” of their orders for securities that are quoted or traded on all marketplaces.

1. Default Marketplace

Unless otherwise notified by ETCC the default marketplaces for all securities listed on the TSX and TSXV, whether or not the security trades on other alternate marketplaces, will be the TSX and TSXV.

2. Hours of Operation for Trading in Listed Securities

The TSX and TSXV operate from 9:30 A.M. (EST) and 4:00 P.M. (EST), Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays). ETCC staff and systems will be available during these hours for order execution. Staff and systems may possibly be available to assist with trade execution outside these hours; however, ETCC does not guarantee order execution services outside of regular hours of operation.

3. Order Routing Conditions
All orders received for Canadian listed securities will be routed as follows:
a) An order received prior to market open (9:30 A.M. EST) will be entered on the default marketplace for execution on opening. Orders received prior to market open on the default marketplace open will not be routed to an alternative marketplace.

b) An order received after the default marketplace closes (4:00 P.M. EST) will not be accepted.

c) An order received during the default marketplace hours of operation will be entered through a Smart Order Routing system (SOR) to be executed in the best market at the time of entry. The “best market” is the marketplace with the best bid (buy price) or ask (sell price) or any marketplace to which ETCC has access for the purpose of best execution.

d) Any order that cannot be immediately filled will continue to be routed through a SOR until the order is filled, expired, changed or cancelled.

e) Changes to an outstanding order will be handled the same as a new order received and treated as outlined in the conditions above.

4. Order Execution Definitions

a) Day Orders A Day Order is an order to buy or sell a security that automatically expires if not executed on the day the order is placed. A day order will be valid if received prior to market open and during hours of operation.

b) Limit Order A Limit Order is an order placed to buy or sell a set number of shares at a specific price or better. A limit order will be handled in accordance to the Order Routing Conditions in section 3 above and will expire at the close of the marketplace.

c) Good Til Cancelled Order (GTC) A Good Til Cancelled Order (GTC) is an order to buy or sell a security at a set price that is active until the client decides to cancel it or the trade is executed.
ETCC does not accept Good Til Cancelled Orders at this time.

d) Market Order A Market order is an order to buy or sell a security immediately at the best available current price.
ETCC does not accept Market Orders at this time.

5. Trade Confirmations
If Multiple Marketplaces are used to facilitate the execution of an order, this information will be disclosed on the trade confirmation.

6. Amendments

From time to time, at the discretion of ETCC, changes may be made to this policy. All changes will be posted at that time on ETCC’s website www.etc-canada.ca. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ETCC’s office at (416) 775-1040.

Privacy Policy

In order to maintain and service your accounts, Electronic Transaction Clearing Canada, Inc. (“ETCC”) will gather and store information about you. This information, collected via the new account application and other account documentation, is critical to open and administer your account. In addition to this collected information, transactions facilitated by you through ETCC will be kept for reporting purposes and pursuant to ETCC's regulatory requirements. To provide superior service to clients it is necessary for ETCC to share information with third parties it is currently involved with in a contractual relationship (such as your referring financial institution); except, in jurisdictions where this type of sharing is not permitted by law. This sharing of personal information is carried out on a strictly professional basis and is incidental to servicing your account. ETCC has received assurances from these third parties that they will not share your personal information. You understand that through the normal course of servicing your account, certain agents and employees may have access to your confidential account information. This may include operations and support personnel, as well as your investment professional. You understand that access to this information is limited and held in the strictest confidence. You understand that information about former customers who do not currently maintain an account relationship with ETCC is not shared with any outside party. You understand that due to the partnerships that ETCC has with financial institutions to offer investment services, sharing of information with these financial institutions is critical to servicing your account. Allowing this sharing process to continue uninterrupted will allow you to take full advantage of the value offered by the relationship between your financial institution and ETCC. ETCC does offer you the option to limit the sharing of information between ETCC and your referring financial institution. If you would like to request that your information not be shared with your referring financial institution or if you would like more information about ETCC's Privacy Policy, your request should be sent to ETCC in writing to: Electronic Transaction Clearing Canada, Inc., Attention: Compliance, 333 Bay Street, Suite 1220, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R2; by e-mail to compliance@etc-canada.ca; or, telephoning ETCC at (416) 775-1040.


To: All trade-matching parties providing trade orders to, acting on behalf of, or executing a trade with:

Electronic Transaction Clearing Canada, Inc.

This Trade-Matching Statement is being provided in accordance with the National Instrument 24-101 – “Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement” and Companion Policy 24-101CP (the “National Instrument”). It applies to all trades that are subject to the National Instrument.

We confirm that we have established, maintain, and enforce policies and procedures designed to achieve matching in accordance with the National Instrument.

Signed: Lisa Edwards, Chief Compliance Officer

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