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ETC was founded in late 2007 by a group of innovative clearing and trading securities industry veterans who identified a business opportunity to pursue a new and distinctive clearing business model. The ETC founding team recognized a need for a clearing firm that could more efficiently, and effectively, service the new look of market access, trade processing and clearing. The team, through insight and years of experience, recognized that technology had become, and would continue to be, an integral part of the trading and clearing world and set out to create a clearing firm that would continually optimize the use of the latest in technological advancements such that it could become the leader in efficient trade processing and clearing in the US and throughout the world.


ETC's senior management team has, on average, over 20 years of industry experience, and has extensive expertise in clearance and settlement, securities trading, broker-dealer operations, trade processing technologies and client services. ETC's management is highly respected and recognized in the clearing community as innovators, in that many of the commonplace practices in use today, such as trade aggregation and summarization, "cost plus" clearing pricing models and certain risk management practices, were pioneered by members of the ETC management team. In addition, ETC's team stands willing and prepared to help shape the debate and public attitude toward the new look of trading and the marketplace.

About ETC

ETC  was founded in late 2007 by a group of innovative clearing and trading... see more
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The ETC Brand is known for its innovation, efficiency and transparency – all three of which allow ETC to deliver a... see more
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